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follows the river as it bends along the valle

follows the river as it bends
along the valley floor
going the way it must.
Where water goes so goes the road
if there""s room (not in a ravine
gorge) the river
on your right or left. Left is better when you""re driving
it""s over your elbow across
the road.
You see the current which is
what the river is the river
in the river a thing sliding fast forward
inside a thing sliding not so fast forward.
Driving with beside the river""s flow is good.
Another pleasure driving against it it""s the same river
someone else will see
somewhere else downstream same play
new theater different set.
Wide shallow fairly fast
roundy stone streambed rocky land river
it turns there or here the ground
telling it so draining dull
mountains to the north
migrating feeding a few hard fleshed fish
who live in it. One small sandbar splits
the river then it loops left
the road right and the river""s silver
slips under the trees
into the forest
and over the sharp perpendicular
edge of the earth..

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