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each day mowed and mowed his lawn his dry qu

each day mowed
and mowed his lawn his dry quarter acre
the machine slicing a wisp
from each blade""s tip. Dust storms rose
around the roar 6 00 P.M. every day
spring summer fall. If he could mow
the snow he would.
On one side his neighbors the cows
turned their backs to him
and did what they do to the grass.
Where he worked I don""t know
but it sets his jaw to tight.
His wife a cipher shoebox tissue
a shattered apron. As if
into her head he drove a wedge of shale.
Years later his daughter goes to jail.

Mow mow mow his lawn
gently down a decade""s summers.
On his other side lived mine and me
across a narrow pasture often fallow
a field of fly balls the best part of childhood
and baseball but one could not cross his line
and if it did
as one did in 1956
and another in 1958
it came back coleslaw his lawn mower
ate it up happy
to cut something no matter
what the manual said
about foreign objects
stones or sticks. .

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