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What I love about this little leaning mark is

What I love about this little leaning mark
is how it divides
without divisiveness. The left
or bottom side prying that choice up or out
the right or top side pressing down upon
its choice either/or
his/her. Sometimes called a slash (too harsh) a slant
(a little dizzy but the Dickinson association
nice "Tell all the Truth but tell it slant ") solidus (sounding
too much like a Roman legionnaire
of many campaigns)
or a separatrix (reminding one of a sexual
variant). No I like virgule. I like the word
and I like the function "Whichever is appropriate
may be chosen to complete the sense."
There is something democratic
about that grown up a long
and slender walking stick set against the house.
Virgule it feels good in your mouth.
Virgule its foot on backwards trochaic that""s OK American.
Virgule you could name your son that
or your daughter Virgula. I""m sorry now
I didn""t think to give my daughter such a name
though I doubt that she and/or
her mother would share that thought..

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