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Mother among the dustbins and the manure I f

Mother among the dustbins and the manure
I feel the measure of my humanity an allure
As of the presence of God I am sure

In the dustbins in the manure in the cat at play
Is the presence of God in a sure way
He moves there. Mother what do you say?

I too have felt the presence of God in the broom
I hold in the cobwebs in the room
But most of all in the silence of the tomb.

Ah! but that thought that informs the hope of our kind
Is but an empty thing what lies behind?
Naught but the vanity of a protesting mind

That would not die. This is the thought that bounces
Within a conceited head and trounces
Inquiry. Man is most frivolous when he pronounces.

Well Mother I shall continue to think as I do
And I think you would be wise to do so too
Can you question the folly of man in the creation of God?
Who are you?

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