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For Richardson Little Wright Th

For Richardson Little Wright

There was a gentle hostler
And blessed be his name!
He opened up the stable
The night Our Lady came.
Our Lady and Saint Joseph
He gave them food and bed
And Jesus Christ has given him
A glory round his head.
So let the gate swing open
However poor the yard
Lest weary people visit you
And find their passage barred
Unlatch the door at midnight
And let your lantern""s glow
Shine out to guide the traveler""s
To you across the snow.
There was a courteous hostler
He is in Heaven to night
He held Our Lady""s bridle
And helped her to alight
He spread clean straw before her
Whereon she might lie down
And Jesus Christ has given him
An everlasting crown.
Unlock the door this evening
And let your gate swing wide
Let all who ask for shelter
Come speedily inside.
What if your yard be narrow?
What if your house be small?
There is a Guest is coming
Will glorify it all.
There was a joyous hostler
Who knelt on Christmas morn
Beside the radiant manger
Wherein his Lord was born.
His heart was full of laughter
His soul was full of bliss
When Jesus on His Mother""s lap
Gave him His hand to kiss.
Unbar your heart this evening
And keep no stranger out
Take from your soul""s great portal
The barrier of doubt.
To humble folk and weary
Give hearty welcoming
Your breast shall be to morrow
The cradle of a King..

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