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Her dead lady s joy and comfort Who departe

Her dead lady""s joy and comfort
Who departed this life
The last day of March 1727
To the great joy of Bryan
That his antagonist is gone.
And is poor Tiger laid at last so low?
O day of sorrow! Day of dismal woe!
Bloodhounds or spaniels lap dogs ""tis all one
When Death once whistles snap! away they""re gone.
See how she lies and hangs her lifeless ears
Bathed in her mournful lady""s tears!
Dumb is her throat and wagless is her tail
Doomed to the grave to Death""s eternal jail!
In a few days this lovely creature must
First turn to clay and then be changed to dust.
That mouth which used its lady""s mouth to lick
Must yield its jaw bones to the worms to pick.
That mouth which used the partridge wing to eat
Must give its palate to the worms to eat.
Methinks I see her now in Charon""s boat
Bark at the Stygian fish which round it float
While Cerberus alarmed to hear the sound
Makes Hell""s wide concave bellow all around.
She sees him not but hears him through the dark
And valiantly returns him bark for bark.
But now she trembles though a ghost she dreads
To see a dog with three large yawning heads.
Spare her you hell hounds case your frightful paws
And let poor Tiger ""scape your furious jaws.
Let her go safe to the Elysian plains
Where Hylax barks among the Mantuan swains
There let her frisk about her new found love
She loved a dog when she was here above.
The Epitaph
Here lies beneath this marble
An animal could bark or warble
Sometimes a bitch sometimes a bird
Could eat a tart or eat a t ..

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