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Is this everything now the quick delusions of flo

Is this everything now the quick delusions of flowers
And the down colors of the bright summer meadow
The soft blue spread of heaven the bees' song
Is this everything only a god's
Groaning dream
The cry of unconscious powers for deliverance?
The distant line of the mountain
That beautifully and courageously rests in the blue
Is this too only a convulsion
Only the wild strain of fermenting nature
Only grief only agony only meaningless fumbling
Never resting never a blessed movement?
No! Leave me alone you impure dream
Of the world in suffering!
The dance of tiny insects cradles you in an evening radiance
The bird's cry cradles you
A breath of wind cools my forehead
With consolation.
Leave me alone you unendurably old human grief!
Let it all be pain.
Let it all be suffering let it be wretched
But not this one sweet hour in the summer
And not the fragrance of the red clover
And not the deep tender pleasure
In my soul..

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