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Silvia do you remember the moments in your

Silvia do you remember
the moments in your mortal life
when beauty still shone
in your sidelong laughing eyes
and you light and thoughtful
beyond girlhood 's limits?
The quiet rooms and the streets
around you sounded
to your endless singing
when you sat happily content
intent on that woman 's work
the vague future arriving alive in your mind.
It was the scented May and that 's how
you spent your day.
I would leave my intoxicating studies
and the turned down pages
where my young life
the best of me was left
and from the balcony of my father 's house
strain to catch the sound of your voice
and your hand quick
running over the loom.
I would look at the serene sky
the gold lit gardens and paths
that side the mountains this side the far off sea.
And human tongue cannot say
what I felt then.
What sweet thoughts
what hopes what hearts O Silvia mia!
How it appeared to us then
all human life and fate!
When I recall that hope
such feelings pain me
harsh disconsolate
I brood on my own destiny.
Oh Nature Nature
why do you not give now
what you promised then? Why
do you so deceive your children?
Attacked and conquered by secret disease
you died my tenderest one and did not see
your years flower or feel your heart moved
by sweet praise of your black hair
your shy loving looks.
No friends talked with you
on holidays about love.
My sweet hopes died also
little by little to me too
Fate has denied those years. Oh
how you have passed me by
dear friend of my new life
my saddened hope!
Is this the world the dreams
the loves events delights
we spoke about so much together?
Is this our human life?
At the advance of Truth
you fell unhappy one
and from the distance
with your hand you pointed
towards death 's coldness and the silent grave..

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