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The dim sea glints chill The white sun is shy

The dim sea glints chill. The white sun is shy
And the skeleton weeds and the never dry
Rough long grasses keep white with frost
At the hill top by the finger post
The smoke of the traveller's joy is puffed
Over hawthorn berry and hazel tuft.
I read the sign. Which way shall I go?
A voice says "You would not have doubted so
At twenty." Another voice gentle with scorn
Says "At twenty you wished you had never been born."
One hazel lost a leaf of gold
From a tuft at the tip when the first voice told
The other he wished to know what 'twould be
To be sixty by this same post. "You shall see "
He laughed and I had to join his laughter
"You shall see but either before or after
Whatever happens it must befall.
A mouthful of earth to remedy all
Regrets and wishes shall be freely given
And if there be a flaw in that heaven
'Twill be freedom to wish and your wish may be
To be here or anywhere talking to me
No matter what the weather on earth
At any age between death and birth
To see what day or night can be
The sun and the frost tha land and the sea
Summer Winter Autumn Spring
With a poor man of any sort down to a king
Standing upright out in the air
Wondering where he shall journey O where?" .

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