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That Day A Fire Was In My Blood I Could Have

That Day A Fire Was In My Blood
I Could Have Sung Joy Wrapt Me Round
The Men I Met Seemed All So Good
I Scarcely Knew I Trod The Ground.

How Easy Seemed All Toil I Laughed
To Think That Once I Hated It.
The Sunlight Thrilled Like Wine I Quaffed
Delight Divine And Infinite.

The Very Day Was Not Too Long
I Felt So Patient I Could Wait
Being Certain. So The Hours In Song
Chimed Out The Minutes Of My Fate.

For She Was Coming She At Last
I Knew I Knew That Bolts And Bars
Could Stay Her Not My Heart Throbbed Fast
I Was Not More Certain Of The Stars.

The Twilight Came Grew Deeper Now
The Hour Struck Minutes Passed And Still
The Passionate Fervour Of Her Vow
Ran In My Heart"S Ear Audible.

I Had No Doubt At All I Knew
That She Would Come And I Was Then
Most Certain While The Minutes Flew
Ah How I Scorned All Other Men

Next Moment Ah It Was Was Not
I Heard The Stillness Of The Street.
Night Came. The Stars Had Not Forgot.
The Moonlight Fell About My Feet.

So I Rebuked My Heart And Said
"Be Still For She Is Coming See
Next Moment Coming. Ah Her Tread
I Hear Her Coming It Is She "

And Then A Woman Passed. The Hour
Rang Heavily Along The Air.
I Had No Hope I Had No Power
To Think For Thought Was But Despair.

A Thing Had Happened. What? My Brain
Dared Not So Much As Guess The Thing.
And Yet The Sun Would Rise Again
Next Morning I Stood Marvelling. .

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