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The Ocean Heaves Around Us Still With Long A

The Ocean Heaves Around Us Still
With Long And Measured Swell
The Autumn Gales Our Canvas Fill
Our Ship Rides Smooth And Well.
The Broad Atlantic"S Bed Of Foam
Still Breaks Against Our Prow
I Shed No Tears At Quitting Home
Nor Will I Shed Them Now

Against The Bulwarks On The Poop
I Lean And Watch The Sun
Behind The Red Horizon Stoop —
His Race Is Nearly Run.
Those Waves Will Never Quench His Light
O"Er Which They Seem To Close
To Morrow He Will Rise As Bright
As He This Morning Rose.

How Brightly Gleams The Orb Of Day
Across The Trackless Sea
How Lightly Dance The Waves That Play
Like Dolphins In Our Lee
The Restless Waters Seem To Say
In Smothered Tones To Me
How Many Thousand Miles Away
My Native Land Must Be

Speak Ocean Is My Home The Same
Now All Is New To Me? —
The Tropic Sky"S Resplendent Flame
The Vast Expanse Of Sea?
Does All Around Her Yet Unchanged
The Well Known Aspect Wear?
Oh Can The Leagues That I Have Ranged
Have Made No Difference There?

How Vivid Recollection"S Hand
Recalls The Scene Once More
I See The Same Tall Poplars Stand
Beside The Garden Door
I See The Bird Cage Hanging Still
And Where My Sister Set
The Flowers In The Window Sill —
Can They Be Living Yet?

Let Woman"S Nature Cherish Grief
I Rarely Heave A Sigh
Before Emotion Takes Relief
In Listless Apathy
While From My Pipe The Vapours Curl
Towards The Evening Sky
And "Neath My Feet The Billows Whirl
In Dull Monotony

The Sky Still Wears The Crimson Streak
Of Sol"S Departing Ray
Some Briny Drops Are On My Cheek
"Tis But The Salt Sea Spray
Then Let Our Barque The Ocean Roam
Our Keel The Billows Plough
I Shed No Tears At Quitting Home
Nor Will I Shed Them Now .

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