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I LOOK on the specious electrical light Blata

I LOOK on the specious electrical light
Blatant mechanical crawling and white
Wickedly red or malignantly green
Like the beads of a young Senegambian queen.
Showing while millions of souls hurry on
The virtues of collars from sunset till dawn
By dart or by tumble of whirl within whirl
Starting new fads for the shame weary girl
By maggotry motions in sickening line
Proclaiming a hat or a soup or a wine
While there far above the steep cliffs of the street

The stars sing a message elusive and sweet.
Now man cannot rest in his pleasure and toil
His clumsy contraptions of coil upon coil
Till the thing he invents in its use and its range
Leads on to the marvelous CHANGE BEYOND CHANGE
Some day this old Broadway shall climb to the skies
As a ribbon of cloud on a soul wind shall rise.
And we shall be lifted rejoicing by night
Till we join with the planets who choir their delight.
The signs in the street and the signs in the skies
Shall make me a Zodiac guiding and wise
And Broadway make one with that marvelous stair
That is climbed by the rainbow clad spirits of prayer.

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