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v 20 26 L M Sincerity proved and rewa

v.20 26
L. M.
Sincerity proved and rewarded.

Lord thou hast seen my soul sincere
Hast made thy truth and love appear
Before mine eyes I set thy laws
And thou hast owned my righteous cause.

Since I have learned thy holy ways
I've walked upright before thy face
Or if my feet did e'er depart
'Twas never with a wicked heart.

What sore temptations broke my rest!
What wars and strugglings in my breast!
But through thy grace that reigns within
I guard against my darling sin

That sin which close besets me still
That works and strives against my will
When shall thy Spirit's sovereign power
Destroy it that it rise no more?

With an impartial hand the Lord
Deals out to mortals their reward
The kind and faithful souls shall find
A God as faithful and as kind.

The just and pure shall ever say
Thou art more pure more just than they
And men that love revenge shall know
God hath an arm of vengeance too. .

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