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They re taking down a tree at the front door

They're taking down a tree at the front door
The power saw is snarling at some nerves
Whining at others. Now and then it grunts
And sawdust falls like snow or a drift of seeds.
Rotten they tell us at the fork and one
Big wind would bring it down. So what they do
They do as usual to do us good.
Whatever cannot carry its own weight
Has got to go and so on you expect
To hear them talking next about survival
And the values of a free society.
For in the explanations people give
On these occasions there is generally some
Mean spirited moral point and everyone
Privately wonders if his neighbors plan
To saw him up before he falls on them.

Maybe a hundred years in sun and shower
Dismantled in a morning and let down
Out of itself a finger at a time
And then an arm and so down to the trunk
Until there's nothing left to hold on to
Or snub the splintery holding rope around
And where those big green divagations were
So loftily with shadows interleaved
The absent minded blue rains in on us.
Now that they've got it sectioned on the ground

It looks as though somebody made a plain
Error in diagnosis for the wood
Looks sweet and sound throughout. You couldn't know
Of course until you took it down. That's what
Experts are for and these experts stand round
The giant pieces of tree as though expecting
An instruction booklet from the factory
Before they try to put it back together.

Anyhow there it isn't on the ground.
Next come the tractor and the crowbar crew
To extirpate what's left and fill the grave.
Maybe tomorrow grass seed will be sown.
There's some mean spirited moral point in that
As well you learn to bury your mistakes
Though for a while at dusk the darkening air
Will be with many shadows interleaved
And pierced with a bewilderment of birds..

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