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The sudden death of Eugene Carman Put me in l

The sudden death of Eugene Carman
Put me in line to be promoted to fifty dollars a month
And I told my wife and children that night.
But it didn't come and so I thought
Old Rhodes suspected me of stealing
The blankets I took and sold on the side
For money to pay a doctor's bill for my little girl.
Then like a bolt old Rhodes accused me
And promised me mercy for my family's sake
If I confessed and so I confessed
And begged him to keep it out of the papers
And I asked the editors too.
That night at home the constable took me
And every paper except the Clarion
Wrote me up as a thief
Because old Rhodes was an advertiser
And wanted to make an example of me.
Oh! well you know how the children cried
And how my wife pitied and hated me
And how I came to lie here. .

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