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Observe the clasped hands Are they hands of

Observe the clasped hands!
Are they hands of farewell or greeting
Hands that I helped or hands that helped me?
Would it not be well to carve a hand
With an inverted thumb like Elagabalus?
And yonder is a broken chain
The weakest link idea perhaps
But what was it?
And lambs some lying down
Others standing as if listening to the shepherd
Others bearing a cross one foot lifted up
Why not chisel a few shambles?
And fallen columns! Carve the pedestal please
Or the foundations let us see the cause of the fall.
And compasses and mathematical instruments
In irony of the under tenants' ignorance
Of determinants and the calculus of variations.
And anchors for those who never sailed.
And gates ajar yes so they were
You left them open and stray goats entered your garden.
And an eye watching like one of the Arimaspi
So did you with one eye.
And angels blowing trumpets you are heralded
It is your horn and your angel and your family's estimate.
It is all very well but for myself I know
I stirred certain vibrations in Spoon River
Which are my true epitaph more lasting than stone..

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