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zindagi ke mele men

zindagii ke mele me.n
Khvaahisho.n ke rele me.n
tum se kyaa kahe.n jaanaa
is qadar jhamele me.n
vaqt kii ravaanii hai
baKht ......

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main so rahaa thaa aur ko i bedaar mujh men thaa

mai.n so rahaa thaa aur ko_ii bedaar mujh me.n thaa
shaayad abhii talak meraa pindaar mujh me.n thaa

[bedaar=awake; pindaar=pride] <......

admin | posted in:- urdu poetry

chand taray salam kartay hain hu

Chand Taray Salam Kartay Hain
Hur O Mulk Salam Kartay Hain
Hajion Ki Dua Ho Tum Pa
Harmain Walay Salam Kartay Hain
Yeh Paigham La ......

admin | posted in:- shayari

maanaa ke un ke nezon pe ab sar nahin ko i

maanaa ke un ke nezo.n pe ab sar nahii.n ko_ii
kyaa un ke aastiin me.n bhii Khanjar nahii.n ko_ii

majabuuriyo.n ne ghar se nikalane na d......

admin | posted in:- urdu poetry

a good friend is like a computer i en

A good friend is like a computer I enter ur life, save u in my heart, format ur problems, shift u 2 opportunities & never delete u from my memory!.......

admin | posted in:- sms